Archive: May 2012

Catching the Kings!

The weather has been less than desirable, but the fishing has been fantastic! My guest caught this king yesterday and another one today.  Sport fishing, whale watching, Juneau is where it’s at!

Catching the Kings!

Salmon Derby is on!

We in Juneau are getting ready for the salmon derby.  My boats are ready to take anyone out to try and catch that prize winning King!  Give me a call, let’s go fishing!!

Rainbows and Dungies in Juneau!

Juneau is a rainforest, and we get lots of rain here. But clouds do clear and a rainbow like this will apear.  Then it’s off to check the Dungenes crab pots just in time for dinner! Looking forward to salmon fishing and halibut!   Read More »

Whale Watching was spectacular today!

Awesome whale watching trip today with new client and friends.  Saw some great humpbacks.  Can’t wait for salmon fishing tomorrow.  So excited to be back on the water!  Fishing, whale watching, water taxi, whatever…my boats are ready!

Juneau Sunset & Whales

Lots of rain in Juneau today. Late afternoon it dried up a bit and we were able to capture this beautiful sunset just past St. Therese’s Shrine.  Great whale watching area! In fact, we spotted a humpback whale just after snapping this picture.  Looking forward to some excellent whale watching and sport fishing this summer….