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Whale Watching was spectacular today!

Awesome whale watching trip today with new client and friends.  Saw some great humpbacks.  Can’t wait for salmon fishing tomorrow.  So excited to be back on the water!  Fishing, whale watching, water taxi, whatever…my boats are ready!

Juneau Sunset & Whales

Lots of rain in Juneau today. Late afternoon it dried up a bit and we were able to capture this beautiful sunset just past St. Therese’s Shrine.  Great whale watching area! In fact, we spotted a humpback whale just after snapping this picture.  Looking forward to some excellent whale watching and sport fishing this summer….


Fishing Time!!

Here in Juneau Alaska we are having

Here in Juneau Alaska we are having a great spring, lots of great weather, lots of Humpback whales and some Orca’s too, and the fishing season is in full swing now! Give me a call or email to get you started on some adventures! Grantley 907-723-8472 [email protected]

Whale Watching Extraordinaire!

The whale watching has been extraordinary this season! We’ve seen an unusual amount of Orca’s. They are playful and enjoying their big bathtub, while we are enjoying watching them. Wonderful photo opportunities! The humpback whales are out in full force as well. We have seen lunge feeding and eagerly await the time of bubble net feeding. Moore Charters offers exclusive, private whale watching trips for parties up to six for each of my two boats! Contact us today to arrange your personal whale watching excursion. email: [email protected] or phone 907.723.8472. Thar She Blows!

Eclipse is in the Water!

This weekend has been especially great in Juneau! The weather has been sunny and the water inviting. We got the Eclipse out in the water for the first trip and started trolling for whatever the sea would give up, which happened to be a nice Pacific Cod. I’ve been reparing gear, replacing reels and such and making sure both boats are ready for the season. Moore Charters is ready to take you fishing, whale watching or whatever you desire. If you need a boat, we’re here to assist. Contact us for rates and to schedule your trip today. [email protected] 907-723-8472.

New Power Catamaran to my fleet!

In the summer of 2010 I was able to add a New 30′ Power Catamaran to my fleet for fishing and whale watching!  Very smooth, stable, and comfortable and beautiful boat!  Check out the pictures!!  Capt Grant

Captain Grantley Moore with a LingCod!  

Here are some pictures a guest of mine took!

Fishing and/or Whale watching time!!  

My boat!

Here’s my virtually new 28′ NorthRiver, a safe seaworthy and fun, fishing and whale watching  boat!

Hello fishing and whale watching enthusiasts! Here in Juneau Alaska the season has begun with a nice sunny bang!  We are catching some King salmon and Chum salmon in the Juneau area already!  We are seeing lots of humpback and orca whales too.  Always tons of fun! Give me a call and we can schedule a fun Juneau Alaska trip on the water for you! Grantley Moore   Moore Charters  907-723-8472

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